A stickler for rules

As we entered the lush green field of the Government Kannada Higher Primary School at Saraswatipura in Dharwad, we couldn’t help but notice the high-pitched voices of children reciting their poems. The teachers were engaged in teaching the students with a sense of decorum. The ambience of the school resembled an educational center in full swing.    

Shankar Gangannavar has been the Headmaster of the school for the past four years. He has worked hard to make the school a better place to study. “A school is a place for students to study. I want them to gain knowledge when they come here,” said the Headmaster. As the Headmaster escorted us around the school, he tells us that most of the students are from slums close to the school. “There are many students from poor economic backgrounds, who come here to study. We have to ensure that they are educated well so that they can grow up to do well in their life.”

There is a sense of pride that reigns over Mr Gangannavar when it comes to following rules. “Rules in school should always be followed. I tell every student that he/she should be in school before we say prayers in the morning. I want them to be fresh and ready for studies.”  

His authoritative figure should not be mistaken. It has actually helped students to attend school regularly. Out of the 238 students coming to school, 228 are regularly attending school. Even pre-school children show up to class on a daily basis. He marks out his motive very clearly when he says that he does his best to boost the morale of the students when they come to school. “If a student is absent, it is for a reason. But if he/ she are continuously absent, then it is a problem. I find out the reasons for their absence and try to encourage them to attend school regularly. This is the only way they will attend classes and study.”    
Mr Gangannavar praised the efforts of Akshaya Patra in providing mid-day meals for his students. “Akshaya Patra has done a great deal for these students here at the school. They are happy with the nutritious food given to them,” says Mr Gangannavar, while he takes us to the verandah where the food is kept. He cordially commends the service of Akshaya Patra for preserving the quality of food and bringing the food on time.     


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