Stories of Teachers

Smt. Rani K., a teacher who really make a difference!

Smt. Rani K., a teacher who really makes a difference!

September, 6 2018

Bharathi Mahapatra: An idealist instructor (Head Mistress)

July, 15 2016

A stickler for rules

July, 16 2015

We get fresh, hot food now

October, 8 2014

Why Akshaya Patra?

October, 8 2014

Radha acknowledges importance of the mid day meal for her students

October, 7 2014

A paradise for children

September, 19 2014

Technology, a boon for education

September, 19 2014

'A bowl of payasa is like luxury to them'

September, 19 2014

Impacting young lives

September, 19 2014


A strong vision of a true educator

June, 2 2014

A musical affair

December, 18 2013

The Best Way to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others