Stories of Teachers

A stickler for rules

Published on July, 16 2015
As we entered the lush green field of the Government Kannada Higher Primary School at Saraswatipura in Dharwad, we could Read More

We get fresh, hot food now

Published on October, 8 2014
With a few teachers in the school who had to take up monitoring and supervising the cooking process, teaching duties wer Read More

Why Akshaya Patra?

Published on October, 8 2014
“I wanted Akshaya Patra to come here. This one meal has made a lot of difference to people who are struggling to make Read More

A paradise for children

Published on September, 19 2014
A standard IV student writes nine digit numbers as you read out from memory. A standard III tells multiplication tables Read More

Impacting young lives

Published on September, 19 2014
She has been teaching here for eight years now, and says that Akshaya Patra midday meal programme has brought a remarkab Read More

A musical affair

Published on December, 18 2013
At 9 a.m. every day, light music played on a loud speaker attracts children to a small two-storied structure. Twenty min Read More

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