Navasa Wants To Make His Fortune In 'Carrom'

Namaskara, I am Navasa. I study in Standard VI. My school's name is GHPS Geetha, Hospet, Ballari, Karnataka. Apart from studies, I am an avid carrom player. During sports hour at school, I always choose it over other games. 'Carrom' to me has action, strategy and more brainwork than cricket. I understand that it's not that popular as other indoor games such as Chess but if destiny gives me a chance, I want to popularise this game and make a fortune by playing international tournaments too!  

I walk down the road to my school holding my elder brother's hand. He also studies in the same school in Standard VIII. The route to my school is filled with potholes and uneven surface, making it difficult for us to commute especially during monsoon. However, these problems fail to shake our firm determination to go to school and get educated, which we consider as a hard-won luxury. 

Appa, my father works as a farm labourer and also tends cattle. He struggles hard to earn a square meal for all of us. To ease the burden of the family, amma (mother) has also started to work as a domestic help. I want to grow up soon and stand by them as a strong support.

I am having mid-day meals at school for the past five years and I never miss it. Thanks to Akshaya Patra, my parents are happy and satisfied that I am getting wholesome mid-day meals, which keeps me healthy. Bisibele bhath (a traditional, flavourful rice and lentil-based dish from kannada cuisine) is what I like the most in the mid-day meals. 



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