Jagdesh: The mid-day meal volunteer

As we enter the sprawling campus of the Padua High School, the students are just about to finish their lunch. It is rice and rasam on the menu today and the campus is pulsating with a sudden burst of energy, as the children play during their break time. Today, the Padua high school is one of the renowned Government schools in Mangaluru and a beneficiary school of The Akshaya Patra Foundation.  

"The mid-day meal served by Akshaya Patra is good for nourishment and the students have become very strong and active," says Francis D'cunha, the Headmaster at the school, while he observed his students as they clean the school premises after lunch. "The meal is a boon for some of the students especially the ones who come from the rural areas," he adds. Inspired by Akshaya Patra's cause, 15-year-old Jagdesh has volunteered to serve Akshaya Patra meals at his school to all his fellow mates. 

Like many others in his school, Jagdesh also receives the mid-day meal served to him every afternoon. As a volunteer who serves food to the students, Jagdesh makes sure everyone else eats before he can serve his meal. "I like the pulao. It’s very tasty and the vegetables make me feel very healthy," he adds. Jagdesh’s selfless attitude portrays generosity and kindness that is an example to many. 

Jagdesh's socially responsible attitude, has earned him respect from his peers and teachers. "He also volunteers to help the staff with their work. He is well-mannered and a very respectful child. I see a good future for him and that’s primarily because of good attitude and behaviour," adds D'cunha. 

It was lovely to meet Jagdesh at Padua High School and before he goes back to his classroom, we wish him all the very best for his future endeavours!

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