Our future is in your hands

Created By : Mr Narahari Rao
Our future is in your hands

Campaign Goal Rs. 7,50,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 6,71,421

Raised fund can feed 610 children/year

Start Date
Jul 14, 2021

End Date
Oct 31, 2021

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Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

Dear Elders,

My name is Shyam. I go to school every day. My dream is to become a teacher when I grow up. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to focus on my studies since I can't afford two meals a day. Sometimes, I feel like skipping the school as my parents can't feed me.  But, I'm determined - I will try my best to complete my studies.

I have heard, people of this Country are kind hearted. If you wish to, you could help children like me by contributing a small amount to Akshaya Patra Foundation. They provide Mid-day meals to children in Schools.  Do you know - Akshaya Patra is the world’s largest mid-day meal programme..? They feed over 1.4 million children from 10,845 schools across 10 states in India, everyday?

They are able to do this with help from donors like yourself & various Government agencies. Given a vast Country like ours, Mid-day meal programme is yet to reach millions of Children such as me. A small contribution from your side will definitely benefit us. After all, you know healthy children mean lesser drop-out rate, which in turn means a better future for the Country.

Our future is in your hands. I'm hopeful & counting on you.

Yours Sincerely,


Note: The above message is created by Narahari Rao on behalf-of millions of malnourished children in India who often drop-out from schools. The objective of this campaign is to create awareness about the hunger issue & help mitigate through fundraising.

Though I’m supporting this program at a personal capacity (currently for 50 plus children), my firm belief is that WE could do much better as a Community. I’ve set an audacious goal of reaching at least 1000 children this year by reaching out to family, friends & colleagues. My humble appeal to you is to generously contribute & spread awareness about this campaign among your network.

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Arun Nanthur
  • Mrs. Chaya Rao
  • Mr. Harsh Nair
  • Ms. Vedavathi Yadavalli
  • Mr. Amit Agarwal
  • Mr. Jibi Jacob
  • Mr. Bikash
  • Mr. Arul Peter
  • Mr. Bimal Patel
  • Mr. Rahul
  • Mr. Archis Labhe
  • Mr. Laxman
  • Mr. Gangi Reddy Varalakshmi
  • Ms. Piyali Banerjee
  • Mr. Gopal S Darbari
  • Mr. Amar Sivaprasad
  • Mr. Birju
  • Ms. Thanuhshree
  • Mr. Vignesh Aithal
  • Mr. Dikshant Goyal
  • Ms. Surabhi
  • Mr. Jens Nchel Petersen
  • Mr. Ramakanth Pandari
  • Mr. Shekhar
  • Mr. Srikar Yagavandla
  • Mr. Srikar Yagavandla
  • Mrs. Shantha Jagannath
  • Mr. Srikar Yagavandla
  • Mr. Sekhar Mk
  • Mr. Srini
  • Mr. Nirmaldey
  • Mr. Vimesh Shah
  • Mr. Sumanth Balekuduru
  • Mr. Narahari Rao
  • Mr. Sandeep Maindola
  • Mr. Ashish Gupta
  • Mr. Narahari Rao
  • Mr. Aeikesh Ghosh Dastidar
  • Mr. Narahari Rao
  • Mr. Narahari Rao
  • Mr. Harish Kumar Upadhya
  • Mr. Aeikesh Ghosh Dastidar
  • Mr. Rajagopalan Varadan
  • Mr. Gowrishankar
  • Mrs. Jyothi Yogeesh
  • Mr. Vikas Ranganatha
  • Ms. Taruna Mourya
  • Mr. Madhusudan Rao B
  • Mr. Narendra P Shastry
  • Mr. Aeikesh Ghosh Dastidar
  • Mr. Tejas N Rao
  • Mr. Pratik Mahendra
  • Mr. Arun Kumar
  • Mr. Manish Sinha
  • Mr. Rajagopalan Varadan
  • Mr. Agnijakshi Reddy
  • Mr. Dhananjay
  • Mr. Saikat Ghosh
  • Mr. Vinay P K
  • Mrs. Sushma V Rao
  • Ms. Indu Singh
  • Mrs. Sandeep Raghuraman
  • Mr. Abhijit Kumar
  • Mr. Shailesh Albuquerque
  • Mrs. Soumya Latti
  • Mr. Vijay Raghavan
  • Mr. Vishwanath A.b.
  • Mr. R Vijay
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Kanakaparambil Prabhakaran
  • Mr. Sounak Biswas
  • Mrs. Swati Mishra
  • Mr. Kailash Chander Joshi
  • Mrs. Elivia Lobo
  • Mr. Shrinivas Kamath
  • Mr. Sumanth Balekuduru
  • Mr. Umesh Venkatesh
  • Mr. Naresh Madiraju
  • Mr. Rajeevalochan
  • Mr. Narahari Rao
  • Mr. Tejas N Rao
  • Mr. Sumanth Balekuduru
  • Mr. Hari Prasad
  • Mr. Abhijeet Sharma
  • Mr. Arun P
  • Mr. Manoj Mulki
  • Mr. Girish G
  • Mr. Karthik Balekuduru
  • Mr. Sharad Menawat
  • Mr. Krishna Prasad Anantha
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
  • Mr. Badarinath Venkataram
  • Mr. Samuel John
  • Mr. Khaleel Ahmed
  • Ms. Priyambada Singh
  • Mr. Venkateswaran Iyer
  • Mr. Ashwin
  • Mr. Venkat Narasimhalu
  • Mr. Sumanth Balekuduru
  • Mr. Sharath S Upadhaya
  • Mr. Murali S
  • Mr. Ramnath Prabhu
  • Mr. Braj Bhushan Kumar
  • Mr. Vishvanath Muthyala
  • Mr. Madhu Sudan G
  • Mr. Aeikesh Ghosh Dastidar
  • Mr. Sadanand Hegde
  • Mr. Anuraj Tyagi
  • Mrs. Madhuri Satish
  • Mr. Manohar Lal Purohit
  • Mr. Tejas N Rao
  • Mr. Sateesh Kumar
  • Ms. Nandana Bhat
  • Mr. Ajit Ernest Aranha
  • Mr. Shrikumar K Hegde
  • Mrs. Girija K N
  • Mr. Gururaja
  • Mr. Anuj Goel
  • Mr. Ribhu Dixit
  • Mr. Premkumar
  • Mr. Naveen John
  • Mr. Arun D Kumar
  • Mrs. Ashima Sharma
  • Mr. V Krishnan
  • Mr. Pramukh Ballal
  • Mr. Ramesh Narasimhan
  • Mr. Venkata Nagesh Devarapalli
  • Mr. Madhusudan Rao B
  • Mr. Roopa Mahesh
  • Mr. Santosh N
  • Mr. Sandeep
  • Mr. Kiran Raghupathy
  • Mr. Kotaa Krishna Kamath
  • Mr. Narendra P Shastry
  • Ms. Priti Rao
  • Mr. Narahari Rao